Sunday, August 14, 2022

Family Business Part 5: So it Begins

 The latest in the life of Em De Mone... 

So It Begins

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, settling into the lull of the tide. The sun was warm. The breeze was light. I dipped a toe into the lake and smiled. It was perfect. Right here. Right now. The stillness. The peace. I wanted to stay here forever. 

Then I heard it. Way off in the distance. A ringing. I pushed it away. There shouldn’t be any sounds out here except wildlife and the lapping of the water. But there was, and it grew louder and louder until…

I bolted upright, blinked, and looked around. What was happening? I stumbled out of bed and looked for the source of the noise. I grabbed my phone off the dresser. “Hello?”

“Em? Hey…” the frantic voice of my friend Maria blared through the receiver. “Are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here.” I rubbed my temples, longing for the tranquility of my dream and not the still lingering whiskey hangover from Saturday night. What time was it? What day was it? My eyes met the clock on the nightstand. It was just past noon on Monday. “Slow down and tell me what’s going on.” 

A big sigh came from the other end of the phone and Maria choked out her words, “Em, it’s Renee.” 

Every fiber of my being froze and my blood ran cold. This was bad. I took a deep breath, “What happened?”

“I don’t know all the details. She was attacked at the gym last night. It’s pretty bad. Her sister called me. She’s in surgery. Can you come to the hospital?”

“Ummm,” I wanted to say yes, but I had to face the facts. This happened to Renee because she is a human friend of mine. A man named Niklaus Chambers was trying to run my family out of town. Humans were by far an easier target than a demon motorcycle with the Wiccan friends. But I couldn’t share any of that with my only other human friend. Plus I was on lockdown, “I’m with my grandparents, and just woke up. Let me figure some things out.”

“Okay. See you soon,” she said half-heartedly, “I hope.”

Before I could respond, the phone clicked and the line went dead. She hung up on me. I dropped the phone, gathered my thoughts, threw on my robe, and hurried downstairs. 

I wound my way through the halls of my grandparents' house to a little den off the kitchen. Granny’s office. There was no door, only a curtain and it was closed. I didn’t care. Renee was supposed to have been safe. Sarah had promised me.

Without announcement, I flung back the mandala covering. Granny and my Aunt Sarah sat at the table. Each had a cup of something in front of them. They’d been expecting me. Granny held my gaze, but Sarah looked away.  As well she should, she had assured me everything would be okay. 

“Lovie,” Granny said her voice gentle confirming my fears, “Come sit.”

Sinking into a chair, I tucked my legs underneath me and braced for the gory details. 

“Em,” Sarah said, her voice the gentlest I’d ever heard, “I don’t even know how to start…”

“Renee was attacked, yeah I know!” I blurted. I couldn’t help myself. Forget my stoicism; I was pissed and I wanted everyone to know, “And I had to find out from my friend Maria.” 

 “I’ll make some fresh coffee,” she said with a sigh before she got up and walked into the kitchen. 

As soon as we were alone, Sarah leaned toward me. I could see the pain on her face. This attack had sent her reeling.

“There’s nothing to say, except I’m sorry. I really didn’t think…” she let a sardonic laugh escape, “...never in a million years did I think Little Nikki Chambers would ever be able to pull something like this off.”

“Like what?” I asked. All of a sudden we were talking about much more than Renee’s attack.

“He’s got people in his pocket everywhere, including inside this family.”

“How do you know?”

“It’s the only explanation for the way your friend was attacked. She was in the shower.” Sarah looked at me point blank. The time for tip-toeing around was over.

My gasp of horror didn’t even slow my aunt down. She kept going.

“After they beat her and cut her up, they stuffed her into the janitorial and threw dirty towels over her to keep her hidden and out of sight.”

“How…” I wanted to ask how she was found, but I also didn’t want to know.

“Her guard never checked in. We found him dumped in a bush stabbed in the back. He died on the way to the hospital.” Sarah stopped and took a sip. 

I had no idea what to say.

“Sarah, this isn’t all on you,” Granny returned with a tray of coffee and all the fixings. “We have to sift through all this carefully. The time for underestimating this sleaze bag or his reach is over.”

I didn’t think he had it in him. My mind is blown,” said Sarah, “I can’t believe I missed this. 

Granny crossed her arms, “Sure would help if we had a fresh perspective. Have you heard from your brother?”

“No,” Sarah said without an ounce of warmth in her voice, “he’s not returning my calls either.”

The room fell silent as I made my coffee. Letting it all sink in, I began to absorb Sarah’s fear and frustration. I also couldn’t shake the feeling this was only the beginning. And where in the hell was my dad?

The phone rang. Granny hurried off to the wall mount on the other side of the kitchen, “Hello?” 

I honed my Intentional Hearing to eavesdrop appropriately as I sipped my coffee.

The voice on the other end of the phone was frantic and familiar. It was Violet. She talked super soft and very fast. I couldn’t make out the details, but none of it was good.

Granny screamed, “Nooooo!”

Jumping out of our seats, Sarah and I rushed to the kitchen. My aunt slid underneath Granny as the little woman slumped to the ground. 

“Paddy!” Sarah called through the house, “Paddy, come quick!”

I picked up the dropped phone, “Violet? What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“It’s my Grandma. She was hit by a car. The cops are here now. They’re taking me to the hospital,” she sobbed, choking out the words. 

“Sshhh, Violet, it’s gonna be okay. We’ll be there as soon as we can,” I didn’t know what else to say, because I wasn’t sure everything was going to be okay. Was this really just an accident

“I know,” she said, then clicked off the call. 

I hung the phone up and leaned against the wall. 

Sarah cradled Granny in her arms. Was she dead? Had she fainted? Had a stroke?

I had no idea and I didn’t want to ask. Life was suddenly moving quickly through slow motion, and I was frozen in this second. My chest tightened. I couldn’t see beyond this moment. How could all this be happening? I closed my eyes and exhaled. When I opened them, Paddy walked into the kitchen.

A myriad of emotions passed through him, like an animated character when you flip the pages of a comic. At first, his face turned white and dropped, then the veins in his neck bulged and he turned red. He gritted his, bunched his fists, and found his calm, “Is she…”

“She’s breathing. I’m pretty sure she just fainted,” said Sarah, not a moment too soon. “That was Violet, Rose…”

Granny blinked her eyes open. A lone tear rolled out of one, “Poor Rosie. Paddy, what’s happening?”

“That’s a great question, Letti,” he said, kneeling down and picking her up in his arms, “but that’s not a worry for you at the moment. You need to rest.”

“Why Paddington Bear that is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. I need to get to the hospital to support Rosie and her family,” Granny squirmed. “Put me down this instant.”

“I will do no such thing,” He held her tight. Her small frame was no match for his giantness and strength, “No, you’re resting on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.”

She glared at him.

“For at least an hour,” he conceded, and then we’ll see what’s going on. 

She gave him a soft nod, closed her eyes, and melted into his arms. I had no doubt she could’ve gotten up and handled everything, but she didn’t need to. 

As Paddy carried her out, he looked to Sarah, “Find your brother.”

Sarah pursed her lips and nodded. She said nothing, just watched them walk off.

I was afraid, but I asked anyway, “Where is my dad?”

“That’s the question of the hour, kiddo,” she said.

“Soooooo…” I stretched out the word.

She looked at me. Hard and unfeeling. “You want the truth, don’t you?”

I nodded even though I wasn’t 100% sure. 

“I have no idea where your dad is, or if he’s even alive. Nikki Chambers may have gotten to him already. At this point, I am more worried about him than I’ve ever been,” she crossed her arms and continued, “But we have work to do. So…get that coffee and get cleaned up. This day could go just about any which way, and none of them are pretty.” 

I was dismissed. That wasn’t the truth I was looking for, but she wasn’t wrong. I could feel it. Nothing good loomed ahead. 


To Be Continued 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Family Business Part 5: Reinforcements

 The latest in the life of Em De Mone... 


Sixty-three stories above the Las Vegas Strip, the beady eyes of Niklaus Chambers bore into me. I knew he was not quite human but not quite supernatural either. Not knowing what I was dealing with terrified me more than I cared to admit. For lack of a better plan, I just stood and stared at him.

Shifting his weight, he ran a hand through his greasy hair and licked his lips. 

        I unnerved him. Good. I needed any advantage I could get. 

When he couldn’t take the silence any longer, he smiled like he knew things I didn’t,  “I’ll be damned if you aren’t the spitting image of Sarah. I know she’s a bit trampy, but I didn’t think she had any daughters, just a bunch of unruly sons. So tell me, what De Mone did you come from?”

I wanted to tilt my head and give him a quizzical look, but I just stared. It was a busy Saturday night at the Foundation Room nightclub. Everything appeared normal, except that some creepy guy, who wanted to gossip about my family, had me and tonight's headlining performer cornered in a section of the club. Who did this guy think he was? 

Poor Renee sat on a nearby couch with her hands clasped in her lap, looking nowhere in particular. It was clear she’d rather crawl into a hole and disappear. If I was going to get us out of this, I needed a better plan than staring. 

I had two tiny bottles of potion in my apron. One could wipe a memory and one could cause a distraction, but neither of those was a viable option with so many humans around, so I took the customer service route.

My lips twisted into an award-winning congenial smile, “Before we get to know each other, Mr. Chambers, the star of our show is needed in the back as intermission is nearing its end. I’m sure you can appreciate the business that’s in full swing here. ”

“Of course,” he said, grudgingly stepping out of the way. 

Renee got up, wringing her hands together, and mouthed thank you before she hurried off.

“I’ll find you later if I need to, darling,” Nicklaus Chambers called after her. 

Some of his spittle landed on my cheek and I resisted the urge to wipe my face and run screaming, “I’m sure we can work everything out and there won’t be any reason to bother Miss Renee again,” I said, palming the distraction potion in my apron. Just in case. “Now, please take a seat. We don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.”

“Of course not,” He conceded and sat on one of the surrounding couches.

“Thank you,” I said. My public persona shining. “It seems you have me at a disadvantage. You know an awful lot about me, but I don’t know much about you. How about you fill me in?” 

“Now we’re talking. I knew it was just a matter of time before you saw it my way. But please understand, I know everything about your friend…Renee…from the car she drives to the gym she frequents. I even know when she takes her cat shit to the trash, so you fuck with me and I fuck with her. Are we clear?” He licked his lips again and studied me like prey.

“Um…” But I couldn’t finish my thought.

Without warning, there was a void and my head throbbed. A dark chasm filled the room. Coolness seeped in and coated everything, even the people, with a thickness. The entire vibe of the room changed and shifted as if a storm rolled in. I’d never felt anything like it. And my life had been filled with strange and unusual happenings. 

Suddenly, I knew it was my family’s power, and it was connected to me. The reinforcements my grandpa Paddy promised to send. Idly I wondered if it was my dad. Had he finally returned? Would I meet him for the first time, right now? 

But it wasn’t him. 

It was her. My aunt and doppelganger. Sarah De Mone. 

Dressed and all black, she was sleek and sliced through the darkness, clearing an unseen path around her. Her chiseled features were expressionless, but her dark eyes flashed with power.

“Well well, if it isn’t Little Nikki Chambers,” she said upon arrival, “I didn’t know you frequented such places.” 

“Ah…Sarah,” He sat back, steepled his hands, and leered at her like she was dessert, “You’re not the De Mone I wanted, but an exquisite happenchance for sure. And I know it’s been a long time, so you may not know I go by Niklaus now.”

“It hasn’t been nearly long enough, and you’ll always be Little Nikki Chambers to me.” Her frosty words cut through the air, “What are you doing here? Harassing two young women? It’s a big no-no.” 

“Are you still fucking Richard?” He spat. She unnerved him much more than I did. 

Sarah’s expression never changed, but she took a seat across from him, sat back, and sighed. “See, this crass immature nonsense is exactly why you’re still, and always will be, Little Nikki Chambers. Now I’m going to ask you again, why in the fuck are you here harassing my niece and her very human friend?” 

The two stared at each other for a minute, and I had no idea what to do. I sort of swayed a bit. Most of me wanted to run and hide, but family and power kept me rooted. 

Sarah gave me a tired smile and broke the silence first, “Em, would you please bring me a glass of pinot noir and my companion another of whatever he’s drinking? Clearly, this is going to take longer than I thought, and it’s ready been a long day.” 

I nodded; happy for even a moment of reprieve. Part of me hoped she handled all this while I was gone. I put the drink order in and I pawned all my tables off on others. Baffled and completely distracted by this evening, there was no way I could focus on anything but the Chambers guy and this family business. I stood at the bar waiting. Instead of biting my nails, I watched from afar and honed my Intentional Hearing.

“Look…Niklaus,” Sarah leaned forward, her eyes shot daggers at the man in front of her, “Not only are you messing with my niece and a human, a prominent well-known human in this town, but your demon energy is off the charts. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I will find out. And when I do, you’d better hope you’re on the right side of the Demon Codes. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire.”

He mirrored her, only he didn’t hold a candle to her confidence. “Look Sarah, I like you and don’t want to see you get hurt, at least not unless I’m the one doing the hurting,” he licked his lips. Even I shuddered from the bar, “but heed my warning. It’s been a long time since the De Mones ran things around here, and they aren’t the main act in town anymore. 

In case you haven’t noticed, the town has evolved over the last decade. While you and your family have been enjoying the sunny side of the suburbs, the city people have had to resort to drastic measures to survive. I’ve been the one to help them, and I can assure you, that my Demon Codes are up-to-date and all within the confines of your bylaws. It would serve you best if you got out of my way. This town doesn’t belong to your family anymore.”

Sarah paused, her icy expression unwavering, “That’s the message you want me to relay to my family? Those are the exact words and phrases you want me to use when Paddy asks? Or Bass calls? And he will be calling.”

I couldn’t stop my mind from racing. My dad would be calling? I thought he was coming home. I thought I would meet him soon. 

I blinked and my drinks were ready. Thoughts of my dad disappeared as I grabbed my tray and headed back. 

 As I returned to the table, two men from my family’s motorcycle club, flanked me on either side. I set the drinks down, gave a smile-nod, and inched away from whatever volatile situation was about to take place.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want you to tell them,” Niklaus Chambers said, “Now I suggest you take your niece with you and go.”

Sarah’s eyes pierced into her adversary and her voice hissed, “I would think long and hard about your position and how you intend to act going forward.”

He opened his mouth to respond, but she shook her head ‘no’ and raised her glass, “I will be taking Em with me, and you will agree to stand down without harming anyone, human or otherwise.”

He broke into a toothy grin and gave an uneasy laugh, “You know what, Sarah, as of this moment, I will agree to not cause physical harm to any member of your family. Today.” He stood and adjusted his suit coat. “If things do not change drastically in 24 hours, I will not make any promises about our future interactions,”  He threw several hundred dollar bills on the table, “That should cover all expenses. The rest goes to the staff.”

We watched as he stalked off. All his low-life goons, in and out of the shadows, followed him.

“I’m sorry this came to your place of work tonight,” Sarah said, patting the seat next to her, “But you’re safe now.”

I sat as Renee stepped back on stage, clearly, she’d overcome her nerves and was ready to shine again. 

“What about her?” I asked.

 “Your friend will be fine. I spoke with her and told her some of our guys would be keeping an eye on her.”

“Thank you,” I said, “I hate that she got dragged into this.”

Sarah studied me. I wanted to fidget, but I didn’t.

“You know Renee, told me you kept your cool and got her out of there first. That’s impressive,” she said and paused to take a sip of her wine, then leaned closer, “And a very De Mone thing to do. We are known for our stoicism. Never let them know what you’re really thinking. Let them guess. It’s much scarier.” 

I held her gaze and nodded. She was letting me in, and all of a sudden, I belonged. For a short spell, we sat engrossed in our own company and the music. When the melody stopped, she leaned toward me,  “I wasn’t kidding. I’m taking you with me. I’ve already cleared it with your boss. You’re off the rest of the night and the next few days. What do you say we get outta this stuffy joint, belly up to a bar, drink whiskey and talk shit about your dad?” She grinned at me, something I’d yet to see her do. 

“First round’s on me,” I beamed back at her and jumped up. Not only, was I long overdue for some answers, but I could use a whiskey after tonight’s hassle, “Let’s go.” 


To Be Continued

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Family Business Part 4: The Foundation Room

The latest in the life of Em De Mone... 

The Foundation Room

Sixty-three stories below, the Las Vegas strip stretched out as far as the eye could see. The casino lights were just starting to twinkle as the day melded into night. On this clear evening, dusk painted a rich palette of brilliant colors all over the jagged jutting peaks surrounding the valley. A sliver of light peeked over the mountainous skyline as the moon began her ascent into the darkness. 

It was a gorgeous view and took my breath away. Every single time. 

“Em! Hey, there you are! Jeez I’ve been looking everywhere.”

My moment of peace and quiet was short-lived. I turned to see Kimmie, the cute little hostess, standing before me looking flustered.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Can you take a table in the bar tonight if Darcy is a no-show?” she said and then pleaded, “Please.” 

“Sure,” I sighed. 

“Great! Thank you. The day server is finishing. I’ll let you know when it’s sat,” she said and scuttled off to her next seating mission.

I glanced at my watch. I guess it was time to get to work. I served food and drinks at the Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay Casino in Vegas. It was a super cool gig. I made good money, met people, heard great music, and the view was worth almost any hassle. 

With my service smile firmly in place, I made my way around the large open room, which was abuzz with a fantastic vibe. Soothing jazz piped through the speakers, muffling low conversation and laughter. The place was just filling up, getting ready for tonight’s show. 

Any night at the Foundation Room was amazing, but Saturdays had an extra exciting element, especially when Renee was performing. Not only could she pack a room, but she was the center of the UNLV ladies' basketball team and one of my two favorite humans.

The curtain rustled and I heard the piano behind it, along with a few other instruments tuning up. Almost showtime. And then I saw her, sashaying right toward me. 

Tonight, she rocked the sultry superstar vibe, standing well over six feet in heels, with a golden sequenced gown hugging every inch of her stunning figure. 

I broke into a grin and hurried toward her, but the closer I got the more my intuition screamed. 

She reached out to grab my arm, worry crinkling her forehead, “Girl, I am so glad you’re working tonight.”

“Whoa,” I said, ushering her out of the flow of traffic, “What’s going on? You look spooked, like seriously.”  

Wringing her hands together, she looked over her shoulder and pulled me into a quieter corner. She gave me a pointed look and spoke, “Em, some people have been here asking about you.”

My blood ran cold, “What do you mean? Who?”

“Some very scary people, Em” She said in hushed tones, “I tried to call and left several messages… what’s going on? Are you in trouble?” 

Her concern hit me like a sledgehammer, and guilt tugged at my heart. There was no denying my half-witch half-demon life had gotten more complicated lately, and we’d drifted apart.

But Renee didn’t care about any of that now. She leaned in closer and whispered, “I don’t know what’s going on, but whoever these people are, they’re very interested in you…and your new family…”

Being dumped by my biological mom at birth, I only recently found out about my dad. To the majority of the unknowing humans, my new family was an influential biker gang in Vegas, but to the supernatural world, they were Demon Peace Keepers. It was their responsibility to make sure any demons in this town played fairly.

Immediately my gut told me this all had to do with that fiasco at the Fantasy Ball with Danny Wellman and all those scooped-out eyeballs, which had led us to a nasty demon hive infestation and maybe murder. But I’d been kicked off that investigation weeks ago…and my grandparents told me all was well, just last night at dinner! 

Unable to confide in my human non-magical friend, and working very hard to control my face, I was rendered speechless.

“Huh,” I said. It was the best I could come up with.

“Oh honey, it’s going to be okay. You’re at work and surrounded by people,” Renee gave my arm a reassuring squeeze, “I wish I had more time, but it’s show time, and the show must…” 

“Go on,” I finished for her. Giving her a resigned nod, I gripped her hand, “Thank you for letting me know. I don’t know what to say…”  

“I’m worried about you. I’ll find you at intermission and we’ll talk more,” Her dark eyes bore into me, and then she kissed my cheek, “Watch your back, Em, and maybe give that family of yours a jingle.”

Just like that, she slipped from the shadows to the spotlight. Her megawatt smile dazzled everyone in the room as she weaved through the crowd. One lone light followed every saunter and swing of her hips as she made her way to center stage. The skilled pianist tickled the keys and she swayed. The crowd gave slight subtle applause and sighed, nestling in for the ride she would take them on. As much as I longed to get lost in her set, I needed to check on my tables and think about some things.  

My unfocused mind rattled like a loose screw. This eyeball thing wasn’t over. I wasn’t out of it. Granny and Paddy lied to me last night at dinner. Good gods what would a demon hive want with me? 

And if I were in any danger, why not warn me? I’m a super crafty half-witch half-demon. Sure I needed a bit more training, but I had some mad magical skills!

There was a tap on my shoulder. I jumped and spun around. 

“Sorry,” Kimmie the hostess said, all business, “I just sat the bar table.”

“Okay,” I said forcing my best smile, but she was already hurrying off.

The minute I walked into the bar I heard it, my name somewhere in the muffled din, “Yeah…the De Mone girl…”

I froze. I listened harder, trying to catch the whispers lost in the ambiance. Intention Hearing. It was a Wiccan skill I’d been practicing. I tried to push out the noise and focus. I tightened the muscles in my neck, and I tilted an ear toward the crowd, and I found it.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I just saw her talking to that pretty singer. She looks just like one of them De Mones,” the voice said, “Nah, I haven’t seen any of their people. Yeah, I’ll keep ya posted, Boss.”

Shit.  They were here. Right now. In my bar. And they meant business. I ducked in and out of people as I zig-zagged through the room. I needed a plan quickly. It was the first stupid idea that popped into my mind. My chest heaved and I lurched forward, steadying myself on the bar just in time.

“Hey Em” Rob the bartender eyed me, “You alright?”

“No man,” I cringed, “I think I had some bad sushi at lunch.” 

“Ooof,” He shuddered, visibly withdrawing. “Been there. Anything I can do?”

“Can you greet that new table and get them started? I need a few moments.”

“Sure thing,” He nodded, “On it.”

Careful to keep my head down, I disappeared into the back. I had a tendency to stand out on my own and with someone watching me, I felt like a flashing neon sign. 

My hands shook as I opened my locker. Grabbing my phone, I hurried to the bathroom. I checked all the stalls, and then I dialed Granny.

She picked up in the middle of the first ring, “Emmie…Lovie…what is it?” 

I spoke quickly in a hushed whisper, cupping the phone, “there are people here talking about the De Mones and…and…” I stuttered, suddenly aware I was much more scared than I was willing to admit, “They’re here for me. Right now.”

I heard her gasp and I wanted to cry. If she was scared, this was bad. 

“Emmie,” the gruff voice of Paddy said, “You stay tight. And stay surrounded by people. You’ll be fine. Some of the guys will be there soon. They’ll stay close for the rest of your shift, then bring you here. You’re gonna stay with us for a couple of days until we sort this out. Okay?”

I nodded as a tear streamed down my face. 

“Kiddo, you still there?” He said, his voice gentler this time, “Do you understand?”

“I’m here,” I continued to nod, even though he couldn’t see me, “I got it.”

“Good, now keep your wits about you, and everything will be fine. We’ll see you soon,” He said and hung up.

I stood there leaning against the stall and let myself shake. Better here than out there. I took several breaths and steadied myself. As I stuck my phone back into my locker, I pulled out two potion vials: Instant Immobilization and Misremember. I did have mad magical skills.  I stuck the vials in the pocket of my apron and took a moment at the mirror. Pulling a few of my short spikes straighter, I exhaled and steadied my breath. Then I pinched my cheeks to fake a bit of color and liveliness, and I went back to work. I had a shift to get through.

I waved thanks to Rob and checked on the bar table. Generic music played through the speakers, which meant intermission. I swept through my regular section, refilled some drinks, and scanned the room for Renee. 

There she was, sitting on one of the couches surrounded by patrons. I heaved a sigh of relief and made my way toward her. I was less than 10 feet from her and could see her face. Something was wrong. Her back was stiff, and her face was rigid. She was terrified. 

Then I heard it. 

“I tell you what honey, you introduce me to your little De Mone friend and my guys won’t slash that pretty face of yours,” said the voice of a man sitting across from her. Even with his back turned, the unfamiliar voice was clear and excited.

I watched Renee wring her hands again and a tear slid down one cheek. She refused to meet my gaze. She knew I was there. 

I pulled the potion vials out of my apron. I palmed one in each hand and crossed my hands behind my back. I exhaled, squared my shoulders, and walked right up to the group. I didn’t know what else to do, but I knew I couldn’t let Renee get sucked up in this mess. And I hoped the public plus reinforcements were enough to keep us safe. If not, I was throwing potions. 

“No need to slice her pretty little face,” I said in the sweetest voice I could muster. “I’m Em De Mone. I heard you’ve been looking for me?”

The man stood up and turned to face me. Buttoning his sports coat, like a proper gentleman, he flashed a smile that sent spiders crawling all over my skin, “I’m Niklaus Chambers, and I have been very anxious to meet you, Miss De Mone. Now, let’s discuss the demise of you and your family.”


To Be Continued

Family Business Part 5: So it Begins

  The latest in the life of Em De Mone...  So It Begins Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, settling into the lull of the tide. The sun w...